Medical Weight Loss Program Features

Reach Weight Loss Goals

When you choose a Thrive Health Solutions program to help you reach your weight loss goals, you’ll receive*:

  • » Medical exam and oversight
  • » Medications and supplies
  • » Nutritional/Diet Information
  • » Thrive Health Solutions Program Guide
  • » Ongoing support
  • » Lifetime maintenance*

This booklet gives you all the necessary information about your appetite suppressant and/or HCG Hormone Therapy program and processes.

Starter Kit

Patients in the Medical HCG weight loss Therapy program will receive a comprehensive participation kit including the injectable hormone (typically, a five or ten week or longer supply), syringes, alcohol swabs, sharps container, a comprehensive participant manual with informational tips regarding this program along with the Thrive Nutritional guide and cookbook. You’ll also get some “My Team” cards to pass out to your friends “My Buddy” Referral Program.

Thrive Health Solutions Diet Cookbook and Nutritional Plan

As a Thrive Health Solutions patient, you’ll get access to our innovative Nutrition Program. This gives you the opportunity to track your daily nutrition, create and plan meals, measure your weight loss results and much more! Based on your weight loss program and goals, you will receive a customized caloric diet plan – a road map to healthy eating and living well.

One-on-One Counseling

Your Thrive Health Solutions counselor will be available to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding your diet. One of the many things that separates us from competitors – we’re with you every step of the way.

“My Buddy” Referral Program

The “My Buddy” Referral Program is simple and easy. Simply refer a friend, and earn $50. “My Buddy” BENEFITS, Having a weight loss friend can:

  • » Save you money
  • » Motivate you to live better
  • » Encourage and challenge you to reach your weight loss goals
  • » Celebrate your accomplishments
  • » Assist you in making good eating and nutritional decisions
  • » Make weight loss more fun!

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Membership has its privileges. You will receive information on new Thrive Health Solutions product launches, programs, discounts and promotions and other insider information before anyone else.

*Certain restrictions apply.