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^Lose a ½ lb, even up to 1 pound of FAT per day while maintaining lean muscle and boosting metabolism and increasing health with our proprietary, Highly Effective Thrive Medical HCG Weight Loss Packages:


Rapid Weight Loss, Long Term Results! –

Thrive Medical HCG Weight Loss and Lipo Packages


HCG Jumpstart Packages

3-week HCG & 3 B-12 shot

3-week HCG & 3 LipoLean shot


HCG Weight Loss/Maintenance Packages

5-week HCG & 5 B-12 + Booster Shot  

 5-week HCG & 5 LipoExtreme + Booster Shot   

10-week HCG & 10 LipoLean + Booster Shot

10-week HCG & 10 LipoExtreme + Booster Shot

*5- & 10-week packages include HCG & Lipo Boosters and Exam (if required)


-Look and Feel Younger-

Anti-Aging Sermorelin, HCG & Lipo Packages

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life! Sermorelin (IGF-1/HGH) helps with hormone (IGF-1, progesterone and testosterone) production, hormone balancing, endocrine function and increased metabolism (3-6 months of combined treatments (minimum) are recommended for optimal benefit and results). Have questions? Ask us for more information today!

6-Month Sermorelin Only Program

3-Month Sermorelin Only Program

1-Month Sermorelin Only Program

Combined with a 3-or 6-month Sermorelin treatment 

HCG and LipoExtreme Add-On 
Combined with a 3- or 6-month Sermorelin treatment  


Lipotropic Stand-Alone Packages


LipoLean (w/B6,B9,B12, MIC) 



LipoExtreme (w/B1-B17 complex, MICCTTL) 

              (3x Stronger than LipoLean)_____

5-treatment LipoExtreme 



30-Day Phentermine Packages

30 tablet Phentermine Program
+  10 LipoLean Shots  +  Medical Exam (if required)

Phentermine 5-Pack (Best Priced Phentermine Package in Town)
5-month Phentermine refill package 30 tablet  (^, does not include B-12 shots. Must purchase all 5 up front, receive one 30 tablet supply every 30 days).


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*^Results may vary. Some restrictions apply. Subject to change without notice. Please contact a Thrive representative for full details. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA/FTC.