Janet N.

60 lbs, Size 18 to 8

Size 18 to 8

“I’ve gone from the biggest skeptic to the biggest fan of the Thrive Health Solutions™ program. I’ve achieved my goal of a 60 lb. weight loss and couldn’t be happier. There are no embarrassing weigh-ins, no prepackaged food to purchase and no high pressure sales; this is what attracted me to the program. Nothing but encouragement from the team at Inspire Wellness, guidance from a naturopathic physician, and best of all, RESULTS. I started last June lost 40 lbs, then took a break. I was able to maintain my weight and even continue to lose inches. I started back up in January and have droped my final 20 lbs. My advice to you: sign up with Inspire Wellness then go buy a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Investing in yourself will be the best money you’ve ever spent, and this program is surprisingly affordable. I feel fantastic, look pretty darn good, and am so thankful I did this. The self-esteem I’ve recovered is priceless!” Janet N

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Posted on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012