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Dr. Oz 5-Part Segment on HCG hormone Weight Loss


Part 1:

Imagine losing a pound a day and never feeling hungry. Those that have had success with it believe it’s the long-awaited miracle cure for weight…

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Part 2:

A show guest who lost over 50 pounds on the HCG diet speaks to her success. A doctor and proponent of the HCG diet explains the difference between..

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Part 3:

Guests share the negative side effects they experienced while on the HCG diet. Plus, homeopathic HCG supplement drops – do they work? Dr. Oz…

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Part 4:

Does HCG pose a cancer risk? What role does placebo play in the HCG diet? Learn why experts are concerned. Click here to read an article on HCG fact…

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Part 5:

The debate continues. After weighing the risks and benefits of the HCG diet, Dr. Oz delivers his verdict. Click here to read an article on HCG fact…

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