Carla W

52 lbs, Size 12 to 0

Size 12 to 0

“I am writing this to those who are unbelievers in the incredible product and team at Thrive Health Solutions. At first, I did not believe this could or would work for me, I was extremely skeptical and an “unbeliever” in the amazing product of Thrive Health Solutions. I am here to tell you that You can do anything for six weeks. The first week I dropped 5 pounds. But the second week I dropped 8 pounds. That was more weight that I had dropped in a very long time. I even went on vacation to Las Vegas (visited buffets) and still managed to drop over 12 lbs. Thrive Health Solutions is unique as they do not apply any pressure; there is no weekly weigh ins; it’s all about you and your commitment to yourself to make you a new and better person. I learned to rely on my own discipline and fortitude to press on even though there were plateaus. For the first time, it was MY GOAL and no one else’s. I hit my goal weight on October 27th and have even lost a few more and made it through Thanksgiving for the first time with no starches, breads, gravy or desserts. That is a first. I even attended two Thanksgivings and was only up 1/2 pound the next day. It was great to be able to say “no thank you” and still feel satisfied. I have increased my exercise by triple what I was and have even started running again. That has not happened in 10 years. I am rejoicing in the new ME! I owe it all to Thrive Health Solutions and will be eternally grateful for their support and encouragement.” Carla W.

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Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012